Traineeship programmes give recent graduates fresh from universities and colleges a chance to gain relevant organisational and practical skills that can shape up their career future. A trainee stands to benefit a lot from this programme in terms of cash incentives and acquiring crucial skills.

A company offering traineeships also stands to gain a lot from the programme and some end up retaining the hardworking trainees. In this article, we are going to look at the major benefits that a company can get as a result of providing traineeships to fresh graduates.

What a company can gain from traineeships

  • Financial incentives

The government is encouraging more employers to participate in traineeship programmes by offering the company some incentive, which is estimated to be around a thousand sterling pounds per trainee. Each company can get up to ninety thousand sterling pounds for the whole programme. So if you are a start-up company, this is a very great opportunity for you to improve your business resources and services.

  • Moulds employees into mentors

When a particular company decides to take up the programme, its employees will be the ones to guide the trainees in every project they take. This way, employees also get to improve on their skills including interpersonal and managerial skills. Since employees are the ones guiding the trainees on every step of the project, they can be viewed as mentors because it takes the quality of a mentor to mould someone into a certain field.

  • Building brand recognition among the young jobseekers

Traineeship programmes enable a company to create a strong network of connections with tertiary learning institutions. As the company offers attachment and internship opportunities to graduates from these institutions, they become more visible and attract young and enthusiastic trainees who could end up being high-quality employees in the long run.

  • Offer purposeful activities

Participating in traineeship is not only meant for fun and trainee exposure but also allows the company to provide purposeful activities that can prepare trainees for full-time roles or apprenticeships. It also gives the company a chance to test trainees in new positions at the company which will then be created if it turns out to be fruitful. Therefore, the company has nothing to lose by participating in a traineeship in any way.

  • Improve operations and activities

Traineeships give the company a chance to work with fresh graduates who bring in fresh ideas that can help to improve the company’s operations and activities. Thus, it can give a company a competitive advantage over others. Most well-established companies in the world never miss traineeships opportunities and that is the reason why they are thriving and among the best.

How to participate in the traineeship programme

If you are a fresh graduate from a tertiary institution with good grades, you are eligible to participate in leading traineeships in Perth in the field of your study. To do this, you have to submit your application to the traineeship application portal when the opportunities are open. You should submit your resume and other credentials as required and state clearly what you expect from the programme. Many graduates have greatly benefited from traineeships and have ended up becoming the core part of the company.

The system will decide on your place of training and you will be notified once you are successfully selected. Lastly, you should be well-prepared because traineeship projects require full focus if you are going to gain anything from them.